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Avyantra’s founders strongly believe in fusing technology and innovation for enabling accessible and affordable healthcare in developing countries. Along with a combined experience of more than four decades, they complement their skills and training. They are supported by a committed team of professionals aligned towards the organization’s vision.


To identify, develop and deliver innovative healthcare solutions and improve access of healthcare to the low- and middle-income groups and other marginalized sections of the society in India.



Machine Learning Platform for Early Assessment of Neonatal Sepsis and Antibiotic Rationalization

Neonatal Sepsis is a complicated medical condition which cannot be diagnosed by one or two clinical parameters. Newborns within 0 - 28 days and infants within 1 year are extremely vulnerable to infections. The criticality of their survival in the first year is such that, if they are able to successfully cross their first year, their likelihood to survive the next four years, and also the years after, gets higher. India accounts for close to 40% of newborn deaths. In low income and low resource countries such as India, where neonatal mortality rates (NMR) is as high as 24, neonatal sepsis along with antibiotic resistance is a leading cause of neonatal mortality. Also, rural NMR is two times that of urban NMR. Additionally, more than 50% districts are not expected to meet the SDG 2030 NMR target of 12.

Our innovation is called as PreSco (Predictive Scoring Application). It uses machine learning algorithms to provide for an early risk assessment of Neonatal Sepsis and aids in informed decision making for antibiotics. PreSco is non-invasive and provides a rapid risk assessment of babies.

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Periton Safe

Automated Device for Peritoneal Dialysis

It is estimated that more than 500,000 new

patients require dialysis in India every year. However, the number of patients currently said to be undergoing dialysis is just about 100,000. Chief reasons are non-availability and unaffordability. The problem is further exacerbated with only about 1600 Nephrologists in India (1.3 for every million) and an equally smaller number of trained dialysis technicians and nurses.

Our solution, Periton Safe, is an IoT enabled Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Device that facilitates cost-effective dialysis and continuously monitors patient compliance and performance parameters. Periton Safe is centered around process innovation, disruptive & decentralized approach to Peritoneal Dialysis. The device is expected to improve access to dialysis, especially to those patients in low resource and rural areas. The device enables home dialysis, reduces the need for hospital visits and improves quality of life for people undergoing dialysis.

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Making Dialysis Accessible and Cost-effective

‘Periton Safe’ is an Automated Home Medical Device for conducting Peritoneal Dialysis being developed by Avyantra Health Technologies.

The IOT enabled device is expected to drastically reduce the cost of dialysis and make dialysis affordable and accessible for Chronic Kidney patients.

Currently in prototype stage, device will be introduced into the market after regulatory approvals. The Hyderabad-based start up received incubation support and funding from IIM Calcutta Innovation Park through Villgro Ipitch Competition.

CNBC Awaaz, 15 December 2018
Villgro i-Pitch

Best Indian Social Enterprise Award - November 7, 2019
Action For India


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